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~Damon Dierman ~


             Damon Dierman owner, born and raised in the Tobacco Valley, has been self employed since 1994, married to wife Holly and have three children, Zach, Ashton, and Danica. Damon has been a business owner his entire working career and understands what it takes to have a good work ethic. Also, he has had a real estate license since 2005 so he has a good background in the current real estate markets. Damon enjoys hunting, fishing and camping with his friends and family and spending the hot summer days on the lake relaxing in the boat.  He is an avid snowmobiler and spends most of the school year traveling around every weekend watching his teenagers play football, wrestling, track, baseball and volleyball.  Damon makes it a point to be on the job with his crew, tool belt on everyday working hard and making decisions so not only is he the boss, he’s one of the crew.


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